About the Project

The Panda Liberty Power Project is a nominal 800 MW combined cycle power plant featuring the most advanced technology designed to meet today’s challenges of high efficiency, low emissions, extreme reliability and operational flexibility. The plant consists of two identical “single-shaft” power trains. In each train, a combustion turbine and steam turbine drive a common, large electric generator. Waste heat from the combustion turbine exhaust is directed through a heat recovery steam generator producing steam for the steam turbine. Exhaust emissions from the combustion turbines are lowered to permit levels via Selective Catalytic Reduction (for NOx control) and Oxidation Catalyst (for CO reduction) processes built inside the heat recovery steam generators. After the steam has done its work in the steam turbine, it is exhausted to an air-cooled condenser. The steam is condensed back into water by large cooling fans circulating air past tubes containing the steam. The water is then returned for reuse in the heat recovery steam generator.

– Diagram courtesy of Moxie Energy, LLC.